What is this?

Wilmington S.T.I.R. (Sitting Together Is Radical) provides community members an opportunity to invest in one another, share resources, and contribute to a sustainable network of creative social innovation within the City of Wilmington.

WHAT:  Eat, Drink & Fund a Project

WHEN: STIR 6 is Saturday, May 31, 2014, 5pm to 7pm

WHERE:  The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew, 719 N. Shipley Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

ADMISSION: Pay-what-you-wish Donation ($20 Recommended; $10 Minimum)


We are pleased to announce the return of our Executive Chef Chris Baittinger, who has been known to serve a lovely Pumpkin Bisque and Jambalaya, amazing chicken salad and even a taste of bacon pop rocks.

What you need to know about Wilmington STIR:
  • It is Wilmington’s chapter of the international network of meal-based micro granting initiatives, Sunday Soup.
  • It offers a way to provide sustainable, grassroots community funding for creative community-building projects through a shared dining experience.
  • You can (1) apply to have a project funded (see here) and come enjoy dinner, local beer, music as you present your project or (2) just come enjoy dinner, local beer, music, hear the project ideas (and vote on them).
  • Each person who makes a donation to attend dinner ($20 recommended; $10 minimum) gets one vote to pledge to their favorite project at the end of the meal.
  • The project with the most votes is funded by the pool of dinner money.
  • We return several months later to hear how the project went and reward a new proposal…and so on.

Founded in 2008, the New Wilmington Art Association enables artists to work, develop, and think through its creative interventions staged in vacant properties throughout the City of Wilmington. The organization was formed on the principles of aggressively working to support the creative interests, endeavors, careers, and lifestyles of all artists, as well as directly foster the development of a more diverse cultural landscape in Wilmington.

The role of the Public Allies Delaware Alumni Council is to advocate for the interests of its alumni network and to support them in developing innovative social initiatives benefiting the communities in which they live & work.

8 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. This is a great idea for our new kitchen at the Rick Van Story Resource Centers new building that wer’e moving into on April first.

  2. Hi!

    My name is Karen DeMaio and I represent a new project in Wilmington called “The Table at Brandywine” It is a creative platform to merge local culinary arts with visual and performance arts. I recently heard about the STIR group and fundraiser! It seems so providential for us as we are funding through pocket for now. We are going to apply! But meanwhile, our kick off event is happening October 20th a few weeks before the STIR dinner. I just wanted to let your team know and invite you all to come experience it!

    It’s a farm-to-table lunch from 12pm-2pm on the Bethel Farm House Lawn in Wilmington. More info is on our site!

    Cheers & See you at the STIR dinner,
    Karen DeMaio

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